What do we do?


We are contributing and implementing creative and innovative ideas. We are rethinking solutions. Would you like to meet decision-makers from the worlds of art, culture and politics and get in touch with them? Obtain more information about European politics and culture and meet other enthusiastic young Europeans?

We think outside the box!



The European dialogue is not linked to a topic for us. Culture, politics, economy and society do not contradict each other in our eyes, but on closer inspection are often interlinked and condition one another. Our motto: The more creative and innovative, the better!



With the mission of fostering common dialogue and innovative ideas in Europe, we organize various dialogue events, discussing first-hand with policy, business or culture decision-makers, conducting workshops in schools and communities, organizing exclusive visits to embassies or, in particular, encouraging young people to contribute and implement ideas.



"We do not unite states, we bring people closer together."

Jean Monnet


It is very important to us to drive and promote your curiosity and enthusiasm. That is why we consciously offer the opportunity to contribute ideas and suggestions as part of our activities, thereby creating room for our own accents. Experiencing Europe "up close" is important to us!
We look forward to growth and "pioneers" from all areas of interest!