The symbol of European Dialogue shows a wreath of 12 golden five-pointed stars on a sky-blue background, in the middle of which are two golden and azure blue faces looking at each other and outlined in white: these are linked by a heart-shaped band.

The choice of different colours of the faces, gold and blue, emphasises the diversity of Europe. The number of stars, 12, is the symbol of perfection and unity. As examples one could mention the twelve apostles, the legendary deeds of Hercules and the months of the year. The faces looking at each other represent the citizens of Europe as its heart, united in diversity. The heart-shaped band symbolises the allegorical union of the “citizens of Europe“ joined by the mouths of the faces, as a symbol of the “Voices of Europe“. The conscious linking of the "Voices of Europe" should symbolize the dialogue and the togetherness of the people of Europe.These two features are marked by personal responsibility, solidarity and cooperation. The colour gold reflects perfection and eternity. The symbol and the associated philosophy were designed in 2016 by the founder Andreas J. Schröck.