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With the blog “Room for Thought" we cordially invite creative ideas and food for thought in the form of written essays and other contributions. Our motto is: the more diverse, the more interesting!

That's why we look forward to your texts, event reports, book reviews, essays and other creative and interesting inputs. Through the idea of "Room for Thought" we would like to make your "keynotes" and food for thought accessible to a broader public.



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That depends entirely on the author! "Freiraum" also means room for freedom in your contribution.

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Yes! It would not be our philosophy if that would not work! We want to promote your ideas and contributions and make them accessible to other people. Therefore, the rights to texts remain with publication on our "blog" and in the magazine with the authors. By submitting your entry you simply confirm that your work is from you and that we are allowed to publish it! Contributions from authors published on this blog represent their opinions only. Despite content control, we assume no liability for the content and external links. We would be very grateful to know if your submission has already been published or published elsewhere. We also like to make a reference to the corresponding book / magazine / blog or something similar. Of course, we would be very happy if you could indicate that a text has already been published by us.