Renaissance of the Dialogue

was the title of the first European Dialogue dialogue event in 2020. On a bright, spring-like morning, taking into account the restrictions imposed by the Austrian federal government for the prevention of the corona virus, the event and the associated book presentation "Renaissance of the Dialogue - 30 Voices on Europe" took place on March 12, 2020 at 9:30 a.m. in the classic atmosphere of the Café Promenade: the motto was "Tea and Breakfast".

Britain has left the EU. Other countries want to join - but cannot. Do we want more members or fewer? Brussels and London are on a confrontational course in discussions about a future shared relationship. What is Austria's position in this process? The end of Erasmus and exchanges in Europe? Or the beginning of a new era? What role do citizens and especially young people play in this? Do opportunities prevail, or persistent pessimism? Should the prevailing mood be optimism or pessimism?
These questions and many more led to a dialogue with the underlying question: "Does a renaissance of dialogue need to take place"? In this regard, all the  participants agreed - there was only a need for action on the question of implementation. The only question was: How should we implement the necessary actions? 


Leigh Turner CMG, British Ambassador to Austria, also Permanent Representative of Great Britain to the United Nations and other international organizations in Vienna, plus an Honorary Member of European Dialogue, unfortunately had to cancel his participation at short notice, after it turned out the day before that the British Secretary of State for Health, Nadine Dorries, had also become infected . The Secretary of State was the first member of the UK government team to have the coronavirus detected. This gap was filled by our other guest of honour and the team of European Dialogue, who all kept calm and carried on to the best of our ability.

Mag. Sebastian Schäffer, MA, Managing Director of the Institute for the Danube Region and Central Europe (IDM) and an expert on European neighbourhood policy, gave the participants an interesting and informative insight into his work and the current accession process. The new European Commission with its ambitious goals was discussed in detail - as was the first publication by Renaissance Dialogue "Renaissance of Dialogue - 30 Voices on Europe". As a co-author, Mag. Schäffer, who had travelled to Graz despite the difficult situation, was able to refer to his contribution to the publication "Which Europe do we want?", as well as  dealing with questions from the audience.

In addition to introductory speeches by, among others,  Jean-Claude Juncker and Alexander Van der Bellen, there were numerous and varied contributions from well-known personalities. It is particularly gratifying that in this first publication by European Dialogue it was possible to involve not only well-known personalities from the fields of culture, politics and business, but also some members of European Dialogue as authors and thus to implement one of our platform's main efforts: active participation and the promotion of ideas.

Promoting dialogue, even in a difficult starting situation, and encouraging the dissemination of active information and awareness-raising were the goals that European Dialogue set itself during this event. Medias in Res! The event was moderated by the trio: Julian Lamplmayr, Andreas J. Schröck and Florentina Raith.



We cordially invite you to purchase a copy. Of course, all proceeds go directly to the association and other projects. An advantage for our members is a discount on the sale price. The book is bound and, with 168 pages and 30 articles from culture, business and politics on the subject of Europe, it offers exciting suggestions for further dialogue.

Price: 24.50 €
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The European Dialogue team would like to thank all participants! We wish you all good health and look forward to seeing you again as soon as possible as part of a continuing  exciting dialogue!


The Renaissance begins with us!