We think outside the box! A new way! Another chance! European Dialogue is a non-partisan, interactive platform that makes an issue of dialogue and active citizens' participation across borders.  It is our  aim to give citizens the chance to actively participate in current affairs, to enable future challenges, to create a dialogue beyond Austria and to get in touch with decision-makers from the spheres of culture, politics and business.  

Our offer: To be part of an active process in which each of us has a decisive share in the redesign of our current and future challenges. With the aim, through dialogue, innovative ideas and active participation  to promote  the European concept to citizens and thus participate in the shaping process of Europe. We organize various dialogue events, discuss closely with decision-makers from culture, politics and business, and hold workshops , organize exclusive visits to embassies, publish articles and encourage young people in particular to contribute ideas and implement them.


"We do not unite states, we bring people closer together."

Jean Monnet


For us, the dialogue is not tied to a topic. As an active participation platform we always try to address current, interesting topics. In our eyes, culture, politics, the economy and the environment do not contradict each other, but on closer inspection are often connected and mutually dependent. European Dialogue sees itself as an active citizens' platform and therefore acts free of denominational and political influences. Your opinion is the focus.