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The membership fee, which we ask you to pay faithfully once a year, is 15 Euros until the age of 26, then 25 Euros.You are also welcome to download the membership application form European Dialogue and send it to us by e-mail or post. We are always pleased to receive your messages.


Why ED is an added value for you?

 "In doubtful cases one decides for the right one."

Karl Kraus (1874 – 1936)



Through our varied activities, you have the opportunity to get to know decision-makers and leading thinkers from arts, culture and politics in person and include their ideas and concerns.

Wir bieten unseren MiWe not only offer our members the opportunity to delve deeper into European and cultural issues, but also the opportunity to contribute their own input and to set a course. You can play an active role in our "Ideas Workshop Project". Your thoughts and concerns are in demand!

You will regularly receive invitations to our events and help to strengthen the discourse on Europe and culture.

Since the beginning of 2018, the idea of "free space" on our homepage offers a forum that allows our members but also all those interested to publish ideas and food for thought in the form of written contributions. The more diverse the topics the better!

Through the project "UPDATE EUROPE" you receive once a month, via newsletter, interesting and well-founded information in the field of art, culture and Europe. With us you are always up to date

Responsible, exciting and varied activities: Discover Europe with us! Through travel and cross-border events you will get a special insight into the working practices and functioning of European institutions and their representatives. Profit from unique life experiences.

Profit from international exchanges. Encounters make life worth living! We connect people from all over Europe and offer you the opportunity to exchange ideas with young, innovative people and to make new friends and contacts.

Through our creative projects and personal conversations, we offer you the opportunity to further develop your skills and interests and to awaken your curiosity. European Dialogue promotes the emergence of novel and creative solutions and thus offers the ideal platform for young thought leaders.

Your contribution helps us to cover part of our administrative costs and to work together to realize this project for the creation of an active civil society.