Ideas Workshop




With the project "Ideas Workshop" a dialogue platform was created, which gives young, interested thought leaders - "young pioneers" - the opportunity to introduce and implement novel, innovative and creative ideas and solutions. Cross-generational, we would like to deal critically and through the input of the participants with cultural and European developments and seek open and transparent dialogue. At regular intervals, we try to develop ideas interactively and unconventionally, taking into account the diversity of topics and working groups.
We would like to implement the "ingredients" and food for thought that arise from these discussions together in our events and projects. Let's roll up our sleeves and think outside the box! Together we shape the future!


Encounters make our life worth living! That is why people are always at the center of our activities and philosophy. No dialogue without individuality. The input of our members and participants is the foundation for the joint development of ideas and projects. As part of our meetings and events, we offer you the opportunity to broaden your horizons, to get to know inspiring personalities from the worlds of art, culture and politics and to cultivate contacts. In addition to the varied program, you have the opportunity to make friends and friendships which will bring you even more enrichment.


Together instead of lonely! Through the impulse of our members and participants, we want to create creative projects and events based on your input and food for thought. A strong, vital civil society is essential.Yes, we could most likely schedule events without these essential inputs and ingredients. But would they be so good? We say NO! Our philosophy thrives on participation, critical questioning, exchange and common vision. Young Pioneers: Thinkers who bravely embrace new challenges with heart and soul are indispensable. Your vision is the answer of tomorrow!  More about creativity.