European Dialogue School Project



On 14 May 2019 European Dialogue visited two schools: "BG / BRG Fürstenfeld & BHAK Fürstenfeld".

The aim of a "Europe Dialogue" with the pupils was to exchange ideas and suggestions and, with them, as first-time voters in the imminent European elections, on the one hand to critically examine the contents of the programmes of the Austrian electoral parties . and secondly to analyse the 2016  Referendum in the UK as it was treated by the media. The students were able to present their respective results afterwards.




How did that happen? What exactly did we do?

Through the input of various members, we implemented this idea in accordance with our principles of participation. Many thanks to the dedicated teacher team of the "BG / BRG Fürstenfeld" & BHAK Fürstenfeld" and especially to the students for their diligent and active cooperation!

I am convinced that the sooner a dialogue is encouraged, and actually takes place, the more it adds value to society and to the experience of each individual citizen!

Andreas J. Schröck, Chairman of  European Dialogue