Art and Culture


Europe's most indispensable valuable resources are called art and culture!


Art and culture have an outstanding importance for society. They reflect social debates, they provide the friction in discussions about reality, they point beyond everyday happenings.The debate concerning art and culture points not only to the past and our contact with handed-down values, it also has a future-orientated dimension and includes visions of a future society. As part of our diverse activities, we also deal with art and culture in Europe. The aim is to highlight the role of art and culture and to emphasize the importance of its preservation, protection and accessibility.
By cooperating with artists and cultural institutions, we would like to re-initiate the dialogue and at the same time take advantage of the opportunities to make a fresh start and get things flowing again.



A Union, in the form that we envisage, must be more than a community of interests of 28 member states, it must signify hope  to the people , but above all, as art shows us in the way it lives, it must be a community with the power of imagination. An essential consideration when attempting to convey art is the emotional connection, and passion! "The Europe of Tomorrow" needs those two things more than ever!

As part of our project "Ideas Workshop" we also want to deal intensively with art and culture, as well as creative inputs! Do not hesitate to contribute ideas and more ideas! The more they are creative and surreal the better. We think outside the box!