Why your investment in European Dialogue can be of added value!



Support European Dialogue with your attention and become our partner!

At a time when public funding is becoming increasingly scarce, contributions from businesses and individuals are becoming increasingly important. Partnerships as a basis for success on both sides - as an independent and non-profit association, our team is always interested in strong partnerships with companies, institutes or other associations. In addition to financial support, they also form the basis for our success with material sponsorship and the technical realisation of our ideas.

However, this is not exclusively for the benefit of our team - our partners can also benefit from our contacts and networks, as well as from our presence at events. We strive for reports in the local media, where we thank you publicly, whenever possible.

We are the best "ambassador" of your product and name. Thus, you benefit from a promotion of a media presence and a related increase in the customer awareness of your product. European Dialogue operates across borders through its diversity of events and projects, making it an ideal "export partner" for your company.

 Our success is yours too! Our service is closely linked to our partners and supporters. Thus, your promotion also increases the image. Success and positive memory are associated with your name.


Have we aroused your interest?


If you are interested in entering into partnership with us or would like more information about our team and our sponsorship packages, do not hesitate to contact us! We look forward to talking with you! Please send us a short mail to: