Our Philosophy


Dialogue (Ancient Greek διάλογος, "Conversation"), discussion of the inner impulse of conviction, is the order of the day. If we enter into dialogue with our fellow human beings, we will discuss real alternatives for the future of our common society! The creative power of the future lies IN THE HANDS OF YOUTH. For us an essential "ingredient"! As a cross-generational group, we would therefore like to deal critically with cultural and European developments, using the input of our members, and seek open and transparent dialogue.The opportunity to discuss and introduce new innovative and creative ideas on the same level, to implement them as part of our interactive activities, is one of our key aspirations. We think outside the box!






Europe. 5. minutes before 12?

5.12.2018, Café Promenade: What about Europe? President Macron's speech at the Sorbonne kicked off a fundamental debate on Europe's reorganization. Does the EU have to reinvent itself? Is Brexit a chance for Europe? What alternatives do citizens have in view of the current problems? Will President Macron make the turn? Is France the new driver of Europe? Mehr...

"A pioneer of the first hour" celebrates his 70th birthday!

Em.o.Univ.-Prof. Dr. Johannes W. Pichler has been an honorary member of European Dialogue since 2016 and an expert recognised beyond the border as well as a pioneer in the field of participatory democracy in the sense of a European Citizens' Initiative.